About Us

At SEYER, we are on a mission to redefine luxury accessories for female professionals seeking a departure from the ordinary. Our vision is to empower women with exquisite, understated elegance that speaks volumes and provides a platform to express their individuality and uniqueness. We create durable, timeless pieces that stand up to the demands of your dynamic lifestyle. Because who really knows what the day (and night) holds? We believe fashion should never stop you from living a life without boundaries, borders or constraints.

Inspired by fluidity, all our designs are made to be worn together, as well as on their own. Intelligent features make it possible to attach, slot and slip styles within one another to create beautiful new pieces.

Working with the most talented creatives from across Europe and the US, we spent over two years alone perfecting our inaugural design, the Segment bag. With 2-bags-in-1 it offers endless possibilities and exceeds the highest standards.

Elevate your style with SEYER, where silent luxury meets individual expression, and where your handbag becomes a symbol of your unique story.

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From The Founder

It all began with a realization – a realization that ignited a passion within me to empower women and provide something they'd been missing for far too long.

As a founder, my journey into the world of fashion and entrepreneurship was sparked while working as a strategy consultant. During those years, I met countless incredible women, each with their unique strengths, ambitions, and stories to tell. But, amidst all this talent and drive, I couldn't help but notice a void.

I recognized that there were very few options available that could seamlessly support the multifaceted demands of a modern female professional navigating their hectic lives. What was needed was a harmonious fusion of functionality without compromise on design and fashion. Our mission, born out of this realization, was to bridge this gap by creating accessories that not only met the practical needs of our dynamic customers but also exuded an air of confidence, power, and individuality.

SEYER is my grandmother’s maiden name. She was a strong woman who was never afraid to forge her own path and step into her power. Her independent, confident free spirit is the perfect expression of everything we want SEYER to be.